News item: in the spring of 2015 the server that hosts the Hyperbase was hacked, compromising a number of web sites, including the Hyperbase. As of September 2015, this is a partially new site: the content hasn't changed since August 2008, but the site itself now is responsive and works on mobile devices.

Please not that the Hyperbase is no longer maintained as far as its contents are concerned. For more up to date information, please consult its successor, the Exopaedia.


The HyperBase was conceived as a database with information for people who work with abductees. It mainly contains information that is quite unconventional, even controversial, in nature: it deals with topics like extra-terrestrial civilizations and their presence here on Earth - a presence that may well go back to the dawn of mankind. But it also deals with more esoteric topics like Ascended Masters, and with complimentary Healing Techniques. It is meant to offer a wide frame of reference for people who work with abductees.

As the HyperBase deals with uncharted territories where speculation often is necessary, chances are that not all of the information here is accurate. Fact is, I don't even believe all of the information myself! But that is not really the point: if the purpose is to help abductees, then part of the job is to familiarise ourselves with information and frames of reference that have been adopted by abductees to make sense of their experience.
The information in here is far from complete. It's just information that has proven useful in cases thus far. As such the database keeps on growing.

The Hyperbase deals with five main categories of information:

Initially, however, the tree structure was more complex, and offered more main categories. For the convenience of long time users, I have kept them available:

+ Symbols:
some hundreds of topics, of which their symbolic meaning is explained.