About the Hyperbase

Hacked again: in the spring of 2015 the server that hosts the Hyperbase was hacked, compromising a number of web sites, including the Hyperbase. As of September 2015, this is a partially new site: the content hasn't changed since August 2008, but the site itself now is responsive and works on mobile devices.

Please not that the Hyperbase is no longer maintained as far as its contents are concerned. For more up to date information, please consult its successor, the Exopaedia.

Hacked: on two occasions (mid August 2008 and mid September 2008) the Hyperbase was hacked (as was its successor, the Exopaedia). We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Measures have been taken that hopefully will be sufficient to avoid a repeat.

The Hyperbase project started in 1994, when a number of regression therapists from all over the world, who had all worked with abductees (as in 'alien abduction') started sharing information. The hyperbase contains information from those regression sessions, as well as from research that was done by a selection of authors and researchers who published their findings. Quite some information was retrieved from sources on the Internet as well.

The intention of the Hyperbase always has been to provide information that has proven relevant in certain cases. No claims are being made with regard to the accuracy or the completeness of the information. It is just information that has proven useful to understand specific cases. Nevertheless, over the years, a vast conglomeration of knowledge, with over 1000 topics, has been built up. (For more information about the Hyperbase, read the Hyperbase FAQ.)

Since December 2004, five main categories are available:

  • Esoterica: information about esoteric traditions, ascended masters etc. (This section was added in December 2004 - Read the Hyperbase FAQ as to why this was added).
  • Galactica: information about alien civilisations and their interactions with Earth, now and in the past (including information on UFOs, covert projects and conspiracy theories);
  • Healing terminology and techniques - This part has grown into a database in its own right. Read about Ramanuel's Healers' Resources to find out more;
  • Mythology;
  • Symbolism.

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Date Modification / Addition Uploaded
(build 7.010)
Only two new topics and about 10 updated topics. Most of them with regard to extraterrestrial civilzations; some on Sumerian Mythology.
(build 7.009)
Five new topics, and about as many updated topics. Nearly all of them with regard to abductions and ET races.
(build 7.008)
A minor update: no new topics have been added, but several topics have been updated. Most of those involve an update on astronomical data.
(build 7.007)
A minor update with only one new topic, and some topic updates. 17/09/2007
(build 7.006)
An important update for a number of reasons:
- Some incorrect astronomical information has been corrected.
- The internal references have been streamlined & harmonised.
- Some new topics, and close to 40 updated topics.
Another major change was to the User Interface, where the texts now show internal references in the text as well. This is done 'live' by a program that checks the text for related topics and dynamically alters the text to contain links.
(build 7.005)
A minor update with few new topics and 20 updated topics, mainly in the Sumerian Mythology section, and in the 'Secret Projects' section where some disinformation has been discarded.
(build 7.004)
Ten new topics and approximately 40 updated topics, mainly in the 'Galactica' and 'Esoterica' sections.
2 Sept. 2006
(build 7.003)
Twelve new topics and 61 updated topics, virtually all of them with regard to alien races and secret projects. Another major update.
19 July 2006
(build 7.002)
An unexpected interim update. In the first two weeks of July I received lots of new information. In just those two weeks time, 55 topics were either added or updated. The text size of the changes exceeds all the previous updates of 2005 and 2006 combined! So, all in all, a major update that deserved its own interim release.
17 June 2006
(build 7.001)
A historical version in that the magical treshold of 1000 topics has been reached. Nine new topics: more alien races and three more secret projects. Sixteen topics were updated. Again, most of them either alien races or secret projects.
(build 7.000)
A major update in many ways: the section on symbols was reorganised and close to 1000 internal links were added to the symbols section. Information on many secret projects has also been updated. But even more major, though not visible to the end-users, is that the entire development and maintenance concept has changed: modules for project management, version control etc. have been added. Hence version 7.
(build 6.010)
Extended the information on Archangels, as they seem to become increasingly more popular. Also added some more info on alien races, including information on Serpo and the Eben / Eban.
(build 6.009)
Just a minor update, as I've been busy with my Tarot project. Four more alien races have been added. Nine existing races have been updated.
(build 6.008)
Several Extra-terrestrial civilisations have been added, while others have been updated. Using CSS techniques allowed for a reduction in size of the downloadable version.
(build 6.007)
Some additions to the Galactic Lore section, including Roswell, Dulce, and the (infamous) Edwards Agreement. Also two additions to the Lost Civilisations.
(build 6.006)
From this version onwards, there are 5 main categories: esoterica, galactica, healing, mythology, and symbols. Esoterica is a new category with information on esoteric traditions, ascended masters, etc. 05/12/2004