Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) is the alpha star of the constellation of Taurus. It is approximately 60.4 LY away from us.

The Aldebarans are a humanoid species, of the Lyran Caucasian group, and thus genetically related to the Lyrans, Pleiadians, and some of the Sirian races. They are said to frequently interact with these species.

Sources contradict each other with regard to membership to the Federation of Planets or the Draconian / Orion Empire: 

  • One source, B. Frissell, claims that they are part of the UFP, 
  • while others -like Branton, Matthew and cyberknight- claim they are part of the alternative 3 group. (Then again, Branton, Matthew and Cyberknight may very well be quoting each other). 
  • In the Omega-files, Branton claims that a group of "renegade Pleiadians/Aldebarans" have joined the Draconian Empire.

According to B. Hand Clow, the Aldebaran energy is very musical, mathematical, harmonic, andis right brain oriented.