According to Wendelle Stevens and Stefan Denaerde, the planet Iarga is inhabited by a highly advanced society, both technologically and spiritually. The planet supposedly is some 10 light years away from Earth. It is a green planet, with a population 100 times larger than ours. In the book, 'UFO: contact from planet Iarga,' Denaerde claims he got in touch with the Iargans, while sailing the ocean. They have invited, and taken him to their planet.

A quote from Wendelle Stevens:

"We have been working for over two years on another UFO contact case that began in July of 1967, one of the heaviest UFO activity periods re corded in modern times, and is still going on. These extraterrestrials come from an atmospheric planet about 10 light years from Earth, a planet which they call Iarga. It has a diameter and mass greater than that of Earth, and the acceleration of gravity at the surface is stronger. The atmosphere is much more dense than ours. They said an Earth human would be pelted to death in the rain on their planet. The speed of rotation is slower making the days and nights longer, but reflected sunlight from the regular twilight can brighten certain nights. Because of the thicker atmosphere and higher air pressure at the surface, which is even a different composition than ours, Iarga knows no bright sunlight and sees nothing of moons and stars. Green predominates as the atmospheric colour.
The creatures there are a little larger than us are look quite different. They are very stockily built. Their ship and its equipment and furnishings give evidence of a very highly advanced technology."